Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Excuse to Drink Starbucks

I cannot say I am addicted to coffee or ever need a Starbucks "fix". But I do enjoy a caramel macchiato every once in a while and I definitely fall for the overall atmosphere of the place.

What's more is I don't feel guilty about spending the extra $3.50 because of my Starbucks Duetto Card. It's both a Visa card and Starbucks card in one. 1% of all purchases is loaded onto the "Starbucks side" of the card. If this isn't enough of an incentive, you automatically receive $25 loaded onto the card after your first Visa purchase.

I only recommend this, of course, to someone who plans on paying off the bill every month. I certainly don't condone a credit card bill that rolls over each month. So please, use with caution.

There are obviously other credit cards with cash-back and other perks available. This just happens to be one that works with my lifestyle.

Do any readers use this card or use other credit cards with points or cash-back? Please share.

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