Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Smart Planner

I'm being featured today on a great blog called The Smart Planner. Liene Stevens is the founder of this blog that focuses on helping wedding planners build their businesses in a purposeful and logical way. It is already obvious that Liene has made a difference in the wedding planning industry. Even if you are not a wedding planner, you can still gain some great insight on leadership and managament from this blog and also her unique Twitter series.

I will occassionaly make guest appearances on The Smart Planner and will gear my posts toward helping planners make the best financial decisions as they grow their businesses. Check out my post today about the advantages of using QuickBooks software to manage the financial aspects of your business.


Anonymous said...

Just bought QucickBooks Pro 2009 at Office Depot yesterday on sale for $99. Had a $20 off Office Depot coupon to use so it cost just $79.00

Timothy Gill said...

That's great! Thanks for posting.