Sunday, February 10, 2008

High Yield Savings Account Part II

Hello All,

Sorry I did not post yesterday. I'm a partner in a concessions stand and we had a big event this weekend. Sales were I guess I'm not that sorry ;)

I have found the top four high yield savings account offerings. (If you find something that I missed, please let me know.)

1. 4.40%
2. 3.55%
3. 3.50% *Includes free checks and ATM card
4. 3.40%

Etrade seems like an obvious winner, especially if you are already looking for a place to trade stocks and mutual funds online. The free checks and ATM card with Capital One are also a very nice bonus. Don't forget that these are introductory rates and will most likely go down a bit after the first couple months.

Ultimately though, the interest rates are determined by the Federal Reserve. The government is currently trying to boost the economy in order to get out of the slump we have been in. They have lowered interest rates, which has given consumers less reason to save their money, and more reason to spend it (by means of lower loan rates) on houses, cars, and the like. I can explain this more at a later date, and how it effects the decisions you make regarding your life and money.

Hope this helps!

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Molly said...

We have an etrade account already - excited to be on the top of the pile here! Though it changes all the time, I'm sure.
Good tips Tim!