Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quicken Financial Software

One of the best things I have done to keep a good handle on our finances was to purchase Quicken Financial Software. If you currently do online banking with your bills, bank cards, and credit cards, you will find it is very simple to use. Some of the advantages to the software include:

Automatic uploading of all transactions in your online accounts

A budgeting feature that will not only help you form one but also keep to your goals

Customizable categories that help you keep track of spending in areas like groceries, dining out, fuel, and entertainment

You can also keep track of assets (investments or your house, for example) and liabilities (loans or credit card debt), and ultimately keep track of your net worth.

There is nothing more valuable in financial planning than being able to see exactly where every dollar is going. At the end of a week, month, or year, you can see what you spent in each category and make adjustments to your budget if necessary.

Quicken also has a section that helps you determine what you need to save today in order to achieve specific long-term goals.

The Starter Edition is only $30 and is perfect for the couple who wants to get organized and be in control of their finances.

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